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  • maskaWagi samochodowe najazdowe
    Overrun truck scales
    Portable and fixed, also as prefabricated.
  • maskaWagi samochodowe zagłębione
    Pit truck scales
    Truck scales mounted in a pit
  • maskaWagi kolejowe
    Railway truck scales
    For polish and russian railway gauge
  • maskaWagi automatyczne
    Automatic scales
    for batching, filling, etc.
  • maskaWyposażenie dodatkowe
    Barriers, traffic lights, software etc.

Truck scales are offered as a overrun scales (above the ground) and mounted in a pit, as a fully transportable or stationary versions.

The vehicle scales are made as scales elevated above the ground level (weightbridges) or pit scales.
checkmarkTransportable, overrun truck scales  have the driving part of the weighing bridge above the ground, with height up to 38 cm (depending on version).

checkmarkPit truck scales have got the driving platform at the same level as the road pavement, which facilitates entry and is of particular importance in case of scales foundation in the place, where straight entry is difficult.

checkmarkThe standard dimensions of weighbridges is 3m x 18m.  Weighbridges are made from steel, steel-concrete or fully from concrete.

checkmarkOur scales can be build as a stationary scales, founded on a foundation or as a transportable scales, placed on the existing base and they are not durably fixed to the ground, and thus they do not need a building permit.

checkmarkThe advantage of our scales is the structure enabling easy cleaning that can be carried out independently by the operator’s team without involvement of heavy equipment or a service. We have also put great emphasis on elimination of the possibility of the scales structure freezing up to the foundation in the winter conditions.
checkmarkOur scales can be equipped with optional equipment, as a trrafic lights, barriers, remote displays, RFID card readers, CCTV systems and specialised weighing software.

We offer Jonkar software for recording of the vehicle scales operation. The software allows for recording of:

  • weighing
  • persons operating the software
  • vehicles
  • companies serviced in the weighing process
  • weighed goods

and it prints out receipts for weighing and a series of detailed, flexible reports.

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