Loading station to the semi automatic loading of bulk products into bags BIG BAGS lets loading of 5 bags simultaneously.


It is equipped with weighing systems, buffer tank and roller conveyors.


It is characterized by high efficiency of approx. 20-30 t/h on each of the 5 stands for bags of 500 kg, which gives a combined capacity of approx. 100-150 t / h.


The station is equipped with a PC computer to control the performance of the individual loading stands, reporting, print documents, etc.


The station can be moved to a new place by the operator (is fitted with castors). This is very useful, for example  where ships are unloaded. The station is then set on the waterfront, directly on the ship, and after the completion of discharge is moved to the next moorage ship.


Mobility of the station can also be very useful in storage yards, where the transport of the products can not be realized by belt conveyors.

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