Scales for weighing tanks, also in versions with systems of automation and visualization.

Scales for weighing tanks, also in versions with systems of automation and visualization.

Tank scales are the tanks (or hoppers) situated on 3 or 4 loadcells.


checkmarkThe sensors are fitted in such a way that the whole structure of the hopper is supported on them. This allows for a precise measurement of the weight of material in the hopper, and thus it facilitates the warehousing management or controlling of the production process.


checkmarkAdditional controlling of valves or flaps, etc. is possible.


checkmarkMoreover, the used weighing meters allow for communication with master systems for controlling of the production process. The used weighing modules also allow for connection of hopper scales to the visualisation systems, and thus for checking of the hopper status by means of computer, archiving of data on weight changes, etc.


checkmarkIt is also possible to automatically prepare e.g. mixes by setting of adequate recipe.


checkmarkWe manufacture hopper scales of wide range of maximum loads, even up to 200 t. We offer new hopper scales as well as modernisation of existing hoppers.


checkmarkThe hopper scales are equipped with different types of weighing meters, from the simplest ones that display only the weight, up to the advanced colour graphic touch screen panels.

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