Software supporting the process of weighing on truck, railway and automatic scales.

Software supporting the process of weighing on truck, railway and automatic scales.

checkmarkThe scales manufactured by us can be also equipped with dedicated computer software. Such software has been created on the basis of a long-term experience of our customers. The software is created at our company by our employees, which ensures its continuous development and efficient service. Thanks to that we are also able to create dedicated applications that meet our customers’ requirements.


Our scales can be also combined with software from other companies. Now, such co-operation is possible with the Sage Symfonia Handel software, the Zboża software from the ORG-Service company - used in many cereal and cereal plants - with the ZBYT software created by the Centrum Informatyki in Tychy, Comarch Optima XL and many others.

There is also the possibility of providing dedicated software, allowing for the inclusion of our scales to the ERP systems, for example: SAP, Movex.

The most popular programs are:

  • Jonkar (truck scales) for truck scales
  • GSW for railway truck scales
  • Elewator AS for automatic scales, working in grain elevators (polish site version)
  • WASAO-PC for batching scales (polish site version)
  • WP-AS for non automatic scales, based on Siwarex WP231 module (polish site version)