Portable, overrun vehicle scales consist of a weighing bridge, approaches and electronic equipment.


checkmarkSuch scales have not got a foundation and are in 100% portable. In case there is a need to change the scales location, all the scales elements can be moved to another place and can be positioned on a previously prepared base in one or two day’s time.


checkmarkThe scales are positioned on the existing or specially prepared base, e.g. on a level, concrete yard, a cobbled pavement, etc. The assembly on the previously prepared base together with verification (attestation) of the scales takes no longer than two days. The scales bridge can be made as a steel structure, a steel-concrete structure or a concrete precast structure.

checkmarkThe height of scales with a precast concrete bridge is 38 cm; in other cases it does not exceed 30 cm. The entry to the scales takes place through steel or steel-concrete approaches with the lengths of approximately 4 m.


Types of the transportable scales:


  • Steel-concrete platform, N/PBA type, portable
  • Steel-concrete platform, N/SBA type (partly portable)
  • Concrete platform, N/BA type, portable
  • Stell platform, N/PL2 type, portable – mounted in a 1 day!

Optional truck scales accessories - more informations