We offer a scales for weighing and filling bags of BIG-BAG with bulk materials.
Filling scale can work as the fully automatic or semi-automatic scale, where the filling process is controlled by the operator.


These scales can be stand-alone devices, as an example of the portioning scale, or be part of multi-stand loading station.


We offer reloading stations, fixed and mobile, which can be easy moved, eg. in different places berth, depending on the place where you want to place the transhipment.


Loading stations are fully equipped, ie. beyond the weighing system are conveyors, control system, buffer tanks, compressed air supply systems,  or even emitters for their heating in winter conditions.


We also offer checkweighers, whose task is to verify the weight of the bags. Scales such are installed as part of the bags transportation system.


All scales for BIG-BAG bags are equipped with operator panels for communication with the operator. They can also be equipped with specialized computer software (eg. reporting) systems, remote diagnostics, and many other advanced solutions that provide comfort, reliability and performance.

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