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  • maskaWagi samochodowe najazdowe
    Overrun truck scales
    Portable and fixed, also as prefabricated.
  • maskaWagi samochodowe zagłębione
    Pit truck scales
    Truck scales mounted in a pit
  • maskaWagi kolejowe
    Railway truck scales
    For polish and russian railway gauge
  • maskaWagi automatyczne
    Automatic scales
    for batching, filling, etc.
  • maskaWyposażenie dodatkowe
    Barriers, traffic lights, software etc.
checkmarkJonkar is dedicated software for operation of truck scales designed for operating in the Windows systems. This software has been created by our company on the basis of our long-term experience and the experience of our customers so that the work efficiency on the weighing stand is increased to the maximum.

checkmarkIt should be stressed that this software is created by our programmers, which allows us for taking adequate care of its operation as well as of its development.

checkmarkThe software can support up to two scales simultaneously (e.g. the entrance and the exit scales) by displaying the scales status and the information on weighing on continuous basis.

checkmarkThe software keeps records of persons who carry out weighing, records of customers, vehicles, and weighed goods. On the basis of such data, weighing receipts are issued as well as many detailed, flexibly configurable reports.

checkmarkThe additional advantages include supporting of RFID card readers, automating the software operation, and possibility of barrier and traffic signalling device control. The weighing software also supports the CCTV cameras. The Jonkar software allows for previewing of images from even up to six cameras at the same time, for recording of images from the vehicle scales in the database. The devices used together with the software also allow for previewing of images from cameras placed on the scales on other computers in the company’s computer network, other than the computer at the scales.

checkmarkThe Jonkar software is also prepared for operation in a network environment.

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