• maskaWagi samochodowe najazdowe
    Overrun truck scales
    Portable and fixed, also as prefabricated.
  • maskaWagi samochodowe zagłębione
    Pit truck scales
    Truck scales mounted in a pit
  • maskaWagi kolejowe
    Railway truck scales
    For polish and russian railway gauge
  • maskaWagi automatyczne
    Automatic scales
    for batching, filling, etc.
  • maskaWyposażenie dodatkowe
    Barriers, traffic lights, software etc.
Automatic, filing (portioning) scale, WASA-PZ (Big-Bag) type is designed for loading single big-bags automatically.

It lets for loading bags with 500-1000kg capacity. The scale is equipped with:
  • weighing system
  • dosing valves
  • air blowing system
  • a roller or belt conveyor for bags is also available
Operation is via a graphical operator panel, thus characterized by simple operation, easy diagnostics and high efficiency.

The maximum filling capacity is approx. 8-10 t/h

The device is based on a powerful and reliable programmable controller (PLC), equipped with a special weighing module. As a result, the weight is very efficient, reliable and can be easily integrated with existing plant automation systems
Filling (portioning) scale, working in gross mode, for BIG-BAGSThe operator panel for portioning scale.

We offer a scales for weighing and filling bags of BIG-BAG with bulk materials.
Filling scale can work as the fully automatic or semi-automatic scale, where the filling process is controlled by the operator.

These scales can be stand-alone devices, as an example of the portioning scale, or be part of multi-stand loading station.

We offer reloading stations, fixed and mobile, which can be easy moved, eg. in different places berth, depending on the place where you want to place the transhipment.

Loading stations are fully equipped, ie. beyond the weighing system are conveyors, control system, buffer tanks, compressed air supply systems,  or even emitters for their heating in winter conditions.

We also offer checkweighers, whose task is to verify the weight of the bags. Scales such are installed as part of the bags transportation system.

All scales for BIG-BAG bags are equipped with operator panels for communication with the operator. They can also be equipped with specialized computer software (eg. reporting) systems, remote diagnostics, and many other advanced solutions that provide comfort, reliability and performance.
Portioning scale for BIG-BAG bagsBIG-BAG loading station, with 2 loading stands, fully transportable.
Loading station, equipped with two automatic portioning scales for filling BIG-BAG bags.

Is a fully mobile, has the possibility of transporting without removing the upper container.

It is characterized by very high efficiency, which for bags 500kg is approx. 65t/h for each loading stand.

It is equipped with its own compressor vane with a desiccant dryer, lighting, heating, and remote supervision over the work of the unit using the data transmission via cellular network.

The station for packing bulk materials into BIG-BAG bags, double stand, equipped with automatic scales.
Loading station to the semi automatic loading of bulk products into bags BIG BAGS lets loading of 5 bags simultaneously.

It is equipped with weighing systems, buffer tank and roller conveyors.

It is characterized by high efficiency of approx. 20-30 t/h on each of the 5 stands for bags of 500 kg, which gives a combined capacity of approx. 100-150 t / h.

The station is equipped with a PC computer to control the performance of the individual loading stands, reporting, print documents, etc.

The station can be moved to a new place by the operator (is fitted with castors). This is very useful, for example  where ships are unloaded. The station is then set on the waterfront, directly on the ship, and after the completion of discharge is moved to the next moorage ship.

Mobility of the station can also be very useful in storage yards, where the transport of the products can not be realized by belt conveyors.
Big-bags loading station, 5 stands, equipped with portioning scales, working in semi-automatic mode.General view of the loading station positioned at a storage yard.Loading stands when working at night.Transport wheels of the loading station.
Checkweigher for BIG-BAG bags.

The main function of the scale for single loads (weight controlling) is to check the amount of product in the final container or bag and to compare with the specified nominal weight.

On this basis it is calculated control parameters according to the recommendations contained in the Act on packaged goods.

If the weight of the controlled parcel (bag) does not meet the set parameters in the system, the control system signals incompatible package. If the weight of the packaging complies with the specified values, weight controls perform relevant calculations for registered production batch.

If the packaging line is equipped with a suitably prepared automated dispensing system, checkweigher can (additional option), adjust the infusion parameters to optimize the amount of product present in the package, reducing the number of wrong packaging.

The measurement of the actual weight of the package is executed statically after the bag on the conveyor acting as a pan. After signaled by a photocell input introduction package on the weighing pan, the conveyor is stopped, and after stabilization of the weight, the scale registers the weight of the package and will indicate its level, and can automatically actuate the discharge conveyor.

Technical characteristic:

  • Max capacity: 1200,0 kg
  • Min capacity: 250,0 kg
  • Resolution: 0,5 kg
  • Accuracy class: XIII(1) (means 0,05% during static control)
  • Maximum number of weighings per hour: 300

Checkweigher for BIG-BAG bags with belt conveyor