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  • maskaWagi samochodowe najazdowe
    Overrun truck scales
    Portable and fixed, also as prefabricated.
  • maskaWagi samochodowe zagłębione
    Pit truck scales
    Truck scales mounted in a pit
  • maskaWagi kolejowe
    Railway truck scales
    For polish and russian railway gauge
  • maskaWagi automatyczne
    Automatic scales
    for batching, filling, etc.
  • maskaWyposażenie dodatkowe
    Barriers, traffic lights, software etc.
Portable, overrun vehicle scales consist of a weighing bridge, approaches and electronic equipment.

checkmarkSuch scales have not got a foundation and are in 100% portable. In case there is a need to change the scales location, all the scales elements can be moved to another place and can be positioned on a previously prepared base in one or two day’s time.

checkmarkThe scales are positioned on the existing or specially prepared base, e.g. on a level, concrete yard, a cobbled pavement, etc. The assembly on the previously prepared base together with verification (attestation) of the scales takes no longer than two days. The scales bridge can be made as a steel structure, a steel-concrete structure or a concrete precast structure.

checkmarkThe height of scales with a precast concrete bridge is 38 cm; in other cases it does not exceed 30 cm. The entry to the scales takes place through steel or steel-concrete approaches with the lengths of approximately 4 m.

Types of the transportable scales:

  • Steel-concrete platform, N/PBA type, portable
  • Steel-concrete platform, N/SBA type (partly portable)
  • Concrete platform, N/BA type, portable
  • Stell platform, N/PL2 type, portable - mounted in a 1 day!

Optional truck scales accessories - more informations

Railway scales Railway scales

Railway scales, with polish (european) and russian railway gauge.

Truck scales Truck scales

Truck scales are offered as a overrun scales (above the ground) and mounted in a pit, as a fully transportable or stationary versions.

Software Software

Software supporting the process of weighing on truck, railway and automatic scales.

Optional scales accessories Optional scales accessories

Optional sccessories for scales: RFID card readers, traffic lights, remote displays, barriers

Automatic scales Automatic scales

Automatic scales are used for filling, reloading or palletisation of bulk products and liquids

Tank scales Tank scales

Scales for weighing tanks, also in versions with systems of automation and visualization.

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